Crewless Aerial Vehicles in the world of measurement. Kielce conference and exhibition

23 june 2022
Technologies' vibrant development and high precision of drones make uncrewed aerial vehicles the perfect application for many fields, including construction, transport, space, agricultural, entertainment, advertising, tourism and insurance industries, to name a few. The use of UAV techniques for specialised measurements will be discussed at the Kielce International Drone Event - the World Measurements - a two-day drone conference.

All you need to do to participate in the event is register - www.targikielce.pl/ide


Specialist lectures which feature experts

The conference program includes specialist presentations of experts and practitioners. The lectures on the first day of IDE - the World of Measurement are divided into two thematic sessions: administration and science and industry. The opening of the event features Professor Jacek Semaniak  PhD. Hab, president of the Central Office of Measures who, will present  the institute's research and development activities. The extensive speakers' list includes Maciej Włodarczyk - head of the Coordination Department of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, Patryk Wróblewski from the Department of Image Recognition of the Military University of Technology, Dariusz Werschner - Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Infrastructure for  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The lectures are devoted to, inter alia, airspace for unmanned aerial vehicles, the Ministry of Infrastructure's activities designed to enhance the drone industry development as well as photogrammetric and remote sensing studies.

The speakers' list at the industrial session includes Jacek Krawiec from RIEGL / Laser-3D.pl, Grzegorz Łobodziński from Fotoacc, Professor   Tomasz Lipecki PhD. Hab. from the AGH University of Science and Technology Tomasz Lipecki PhD. Hab. from the Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and Radosław Zych from the PISB UAV Academy.  The meeting is the discussion platform which deals with, inter alia, current technical capabilities of scanning systems with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, multispectral measurements in agriculture and forestry, and prospects for the development of tunnel construction in Poland and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in geodesy and construction.

UAV capabilities for geodesy, cartography, industry and agrotechnical

The second day of the UAV meeting's agenda is equally rich. Invited speakers delve deep into details, explaining the use of drones for geodetic and cartographic purposes. They will offer an insight into the Polish SARUAV system in practice, and live streaming from unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as measurements performed with the use of UAVs in industry, construction, geodesy and agrotechnology. In addition to the representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology, the lectures will also be delivered by  Karol Chade from the UAV PISB Academy, Mariusz Naumienko and Łukasz Folwarski from IWING LLC and Wojciech Gruźliński from aeroMind PISB.

The latest drone solutions showcased in Kielce
The Targi Kielce's Congress Centre's conference will be complemented by an exhibition of the latest technologies and technical use of drones, as well as a live presentation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Thus each event's participant is offered the chance to try and test drones' possibilities and possible business applications.

The companies that have declared their presence there are: TPI - the market's leading supplier of measuring equipment; solutions for construction, surveying, industry, agriculture and other industries, Laser-3D.pl - deals with the implementation of measurement systems. Navigate - the company which provides innovative measurement solutions and advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for Polish industry market for several years.

All persons interested in the conference participants are required to register via the website: https://www.targikielce.pl/ide

We look forward to seeing you at the International Drone Event-World of Measurements held on 24 and 25 November 2022.